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The British Business Forum (BBF) Kuwait

The British Business Forum (BBF) is a not-for-profit organisation of British business people in Kuwait, which aims to foster British business interests, leading to the winning of more business for the United Kingdom. The objectives are:

  • To provide opportunities for the British business community in Kuwait and others seeking to further British interests to meet on a regular basis.

  • To promote British business interests by working closely with the British Embassy in Kuwait and, as appropriate, with the British Council.

  • To develop and maintain a good relationship between Kuwaiti and British business people.

  • To arrange meetings between British business people in Kuwait and visiting VIP's, British business people, trade missions and representatives, and representatives of overseas agencies in the United Kingdom.

  • To liaise with agencies in the United Kingdom who share an interest in overseas trade.

  • To encourage and facilitate the creation of networks of British business people in Kuwait and the Gulf region.

  • To work closely with the British Embassy in Kuwait to provide market information and support to British companies seeking to trade in or with Kuwait.


The British Business Forum offers five types of membership:


This is open to all business people who are resident in Kuwait who hold a British Passport. Full members are eligible to attend all the activities and receive all the benefits of the British Business Forum. 


This is open to business people who do not hold a British Passport but who are clearly associated with British interests.  Associate members enjoy the same privileges as full members except they do not have the voting rights.


This is open to business people and their spouses and partners.


Business Membership is available to any company or organisation registered in Kuwait or the UK that has an interest in the development of Kuwait and United Kingdom relations and business opportunities. Membership entitles the holder to designate a primary senior officer and an alternative to be its representative.

Business Members are eligible to vote, participate in all activities such as organised business events and receive the benefits of the organisation. Business members may nominate additional non-voting employees to join the British Business Forum or attend general meetings as guests.

Joining under Business Membership means that a company or organisation will be able to add its voice to the leading organisation that aims to foster British business interests in Kuwait and seeks to win more business support for the UK.

Is your company or organisation interested in joining the British Business Forum? 

Our range of activities and interests for Business Membership includes:

  • Promotion of business interests through the British Business Forum and its close working relationship with the British Embassy, British Council and other organisations and prominent people;

  • Lobbying support across all levels of British business activity including the display of the Business Member's company name, logo and information displayed at Monthly Meetings;

  • Advertising benefits through the BBF Journal 'Dispatches' distributed to Embassies, Ministries, Business and Overseas organisations;

  • Sponsorship opportunities and free listings in advertising for premier BBF events; a great networking opportunity for new and established business and non-business organisations;

  • Information and introduction to potential business clients, contractors, partners, agents both inside and outside Kuwait;

  • Introduction and opportunity to meet key business people, decision makers and trade missions visiting Kuwait;

  • Access and introduction to other Gulf Business Groups, special meetings and presentations to the British Business Forum and Membership;

  • Introductory support for new member business;

  • Free company name, logo, profile and information link on the British Business Forum website (

These services are continually being developed in recognition of the diverse challenges facing business today and the shifting face of the British Business Forum - the pressures of a global economy, compliance with legislation, a highly competitive marketing environment, and day-to-day responsibilities of management.


Overseas Corporate Membership is available to British registered companies and entitles the holder to designate in writing, from time to time, one (1) of its officers or employees to be its representative for the purpose of attending meetings of the BBF and for participating in any of the other benefits of membership. Overseas Corporate Members are entitled to the same benefits as Associate Members.



The British Business Forum offers a range of services to its members that include:

  • Monthly meetings with a guest speaker, arranged for the second Wednesday of each month. Guests and partners are welcome.  Those attending can reserve a meal afterwards and take the opportunity to informally discuss business topics.  The venue is the British Embassy, commencing at 7.30pm.  There are also a variety of social functions during the year e.g. Intro to Kuwait, the Poppy Ball and the very prestigious British Excellence Awards, held in late January, to acknowledge individual endeavour by British business people in Kuwait.

  • Business Sector Development Groups that specialize in all sectors of commercial activity and provide a focal point for members working in the sector that wishes to discuss and develop market prospects.  They include:

Arts & Culture

Aviation, Travel & Hospitality

Banking and Finance

Construction and Consultancy




Information Technology

Oil and Gas

Training & Education.

Additional sector groups are encouraged in line with members' suggestions and wishes.

  • The BBF magazine 'Dispatches' is published four times a year.  This 100 page, full-colour publication contains commercial and other news from Britain and Kuwait and mirrors the activities of the most vibrant British business organisation in the Gulf Region.

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